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International Photography Awards, 2010 (IPA) :Arjun Mark ‘s exemplary fine art and portraiture has won him a total of 9 “Honorable Mentions” at the at IPA 2010(International Photography Awards) regarded as the decisive & paramount honor in photography. Judged by the most distinguished in the field of visual arts, the panel constituted icons such as Ashley Givens of the Victoria Albert Museum, Amber Terranova of Photo District News (PDN) , Todd James of the National Geographic, Kristina Hicks of Saatchi & Saatchi , James Reid of Wallpaper Magazine, Michael of Esquire, Phil Coomes of BBC, and Fiore & Romain Degoul of Galerie Paris Arjun Mark’s 9 merits at IPA is a recognition of the photographers whose life’s work in photography merits the highest acclaim by their peers. The photography communities from countries around the globe paid tribute to the year’s most outstanding photographic achievements.

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